How many chiropractic adjustments do I need?

RHG_2659People always ask me, how many adjustments do I need before I feel better?

While the answer is not written in stone and is not the same for everyone, it is fairly straightforward: the first adjustment starts the chain reaction and each adjustment builds on the next one. Every adjustment improves your health.

It is important to recognize that symptoms (not feeling well) are the last thing to show. Symptoms occur well after the body has done all it can to achieve health. A symptom is the body’s way of sending a very clear message to you that something needs to change in order for it to help you get back to health.

Your body is designed for health – with literally hundreds of systems working together to promote and sustain life. But your lifestyle and emotions can create interferences that do not allow the body to do what it is designed to do. A pattern of these interferences over time will eventually lead to symptoms.

A chiropractic adjustment does not address these symptoms. A chiropractic adjustment focuses on the root cause of the symptoms by alleviating the interferences and allowing your body to work in its optimal state for health.

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